Would You Invest In This Business, Which Creates 'Mechanical Trees' to Fight Climate Change?

Would You Invest In This Business, Which Creates ‘Mechanical Trees’ to Fight Climate Change?

Silicon Kingdom Holdings Executive Director Reyad Fezzani says his mechanical trees ‘has the potential to solve climate change.’

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The fifth episode of Unicorn Hunters — a show that not only gives an inside look at how potential unicorns go about the process of wooing investors, but actually offers viewers a chance for investment — features Silicon Kingdom Holdings Limited (SKH). SKH, only two years into business, is in the carbon capture industry and utilizes “mechanical trees” to capture carbon-dioxide and dispose it in underground gelogical formations such as saline aquifers. Its executive director, Reyad Fezzani, says the technology “has the potential to solve climate change.”

Will Fezzani be able to convince a circle of investors that includes Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, White House Advisor Moe Vela and TrasnparentBusiness President Silvina Moschini that SKH can actually make a difference to the earth’s climate? Will the company actually have sufficient buyers to create a sustainable business model? 

Watch the full episode to see if the unicorn hunters will buy in and decide for yourself whether SKH is worth an investment.

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