Unleash Power Words To Increase Conversions | 400+ Explosive Useful Words

Unleash Power Words To Increase Conversions | 400+ Explosive Useful Words

Have you ever wondered why certain websites churn out viral post after viral post?

Or why do some brands have goods that fly off the shelf when their competition falls flat?

Or why couldn’t you resist clicking on a link that you knew was a sleazy sales page?

The answer is an easy one.

These brands are smart marketers. Marketers who use words of influence.

Download These 400+ Power Words Now

These power words cause an emotional reaction and pack some serious punch, get us to click on the ads, share blog posts, and purchase from the sales pages.

But how do these terms of power words work?

Why Power Words Amp The Ads

Power words crank up marketing efficiency by:

Evoking emotion: people are linked to emotion, not words. Studies show that material that evokes emotion (anxiety, amusement) is more likely to be shared than content that is not “emotionally charged.” Power words are the keys to evoking these “high arousal” feelings. Examples include phrases like “Instantly,” “Mistakes” and “Hilary.”

Exciting curiosity: Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes life simpler for the marketer. Research has found curiosity to be one of the most important causes of virality. Since we have a hard time suppressing our curiosity, the clever use of power words makes it almost impossible for us not to press, share, and learn. Power words that cause interest include words like “Reveals,” “Proves” and “Ridiculous.”

Take the BuzzFeed headline:

Thirteen using power words on their website

The power words “Cringeworthy” and “Bad” evoke both emotion, and their combination evokes curiosity (“Why are these notes so cringeworthy?”).

If this headline just said “14 Funny Sibling Tales,” you probably wouldn’t be so interested. But 14 terrifying horror stories? What funny surprises this article has to contain!

The greatest thing about the power of words is that there are hundreds to choose from.

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Please check out the list below: Huge 400+ Power Words List

Do you want our personal Power Word list to make epic headlines?

Happinss Indulgence Prestige Humor Gravity  
Heartwarming Guilt Expensive Funniest Gargantuan  
Inspiring Guilt-free Glamorous Hilarious Gigantic  
Profound Indulgent Luxurious Laugh Huge  
Zen Obsessed   Ridiculous Intense  
Alive Ravenous     Massive  
Light Lazy     Gripping  
Healthy       Goddamn  
Memorability Novelty Lust Simplicity Beauty  
Captivate Challenge Begging Basic Adorable  
Genius Discover Crave Cheat-Sheet Awe-Inspiring  
Memorable Extraordinary Decadent Easy Beautiful  
Undeniable Hack Delirious Effortless Breathtaking  
Unforgettable Latest Fantasy Ingredients Dazzling  
Unpopular Life-changing Forbidden Minimalist Gorgeous  
Impressive Magic Irresistible On-Demand Stunning  
Embarrassing Miracle Naked Painless Swoon  
  New Provocative Rules Swoon-worthy  
  Remarkable Seductive Savvy    
  Revolutionary Sexy Simple    
  Sensational Sinful Step-by-Step    
  Shocking Tantalizing Stupid-simple    
  Spoiler Satisfy Tricks    
  Startling   Tweaks    
Excitement Impatience Sadness Savagery Completeness Greed
Bold Amp Alarming Agonizing Completely Affordable
Exciting Blast Crushing Apocalypse Copy Bargain
Fascinating Ignite Dead Armageddon Detailed Barrage
Intriguing Jumpstart Deceptive Battle Essential Bonus
Riveting Kickstart Devastating Corrupt Impenetrable Budget
Tempting Launch Excruciating Crazy Meticulous Cheap
Thrilling Quick-start Exposed Deadly Overcome Convert
Transform Speedy Heartbreaking Disgusting Painstaking Double
  Supercharge Sadly Fight Practical Drive
  Turbocharge Shaming Frenzy Recreate Forever
  Smuggle Suffer Hate Replicate Free
    Avoid Insane Relentless Immediately
    Demoralizing Lunatic Ultimate Increase
    Problem Menacing Master Instantly
      Painful Perfect Money
      Poison Super Never
      Rowdy Create Now
      Sabotaging Step-by-Step Off-limits
      Savage Best Overnight
      Sins Truly Profit
      Struggle Packed Promote
      Treacherous Extremely Sale
      Uncontrollable Deep Today
      Vicious Better Triple
      Violent   Unlimited
      Weak   Envy
      Wild   Master
      Dying   Lucrative
      Horrifying   Steal
Authority Exclusivity Pride Safety Mind-Blowing  
Absolute Admit Absurd Accuse Alluring  
All-Inclusive Breaking Achieve Assault Amazing  
Authentic Confess Awkward Beware Astonishing  
Authoritative Confession Blunder Broke Astounding  
Authority Divulge Clueless Catastrophe Awesome  
Backed Elite Cringeworthy Caution Badass  
Bona fide Emerging Dumb Cheat Bomb  
Complete First Fail Dangerous Brilliant  
Comprehensive Hidden Fail-Proof Diagnosed Catapult  
Conclusive Insider Failure Dirty Charming  
Definitive Little-known Faux Pas Emergency Defying  
Document New Fool Ethical Delicious  
Expert Popular Foolish Exactly Delightful  
Final Priceless Idiot Fierce Dreamy  
Formula Rare Lame Hoax Epic  
Genuine Release Last Horror Explosive  
Guaranteed Reveal Mediocre Jeopardy Exquisite  
Honest Secret Mistake Lifetime Greatness  
Ironclad Sly Obvious Protect Heavenly  
Legitimate Sneak-Peek Pitiful Provoke Incredible  
Literally Sneaky Reject Punch Jaw-dropping  
Official Special Rookie Recession-Proof Kickass  
Powerful Stealthy Ruin Sacred Legendary  
Proven Trend Senseless Safe Mesmerizing  
Psychological Truth Shameful Scam Mouth-watering  
Reliable Unadulterated Silly Scared Nail  
Report Unconventional Stupid Shaking Spellbinding  
Research Uncovered Success Signs Sublime  
Results Undercover Threaten Survive Triumph  
Solution Underused Triggers Terrifying Unbelievable  
Strategy Unique Unknowingly Unstoppable Unleashed  
Studies Unseen Useless Belong Polarizing  
Surefire Untapped Waste Promise Dominate  
Validate Worst   Stop    

Feeling dizzy, huh? I hope it’s an enthusiasm, because now you’re armed with all the powerful words you need to turbo-charge your marketing, and you’ve got a few hundred in your arsenal. Make it easier with the PDF here.

You just need to use them now. Here’s where you can use the word power on your site:

Headlines for
Product Names Popup
Landing Pages Please
Testimonials buttons
Email Subject Line
Your Business/Domain Name Calls for Action

Power Words in Headline

If you’re making the perfect headline for your sales page or writing a viral-worthy post, powerful words will take the headline from mediocre to irresistible.

The magazine industry is known for using power words in the headlines. Magazines like Elle, OK! Magazine, InTouch, GQ, and Seventeen use religiously strong words to entice customers to pick up their products.

Cosmo has some of the most clickable headlines out there:

Cosmopolitan using power words on their website

Without words of influence, these headlines will be dull. Removing the power words (bolted below) immediately makes the headlines above less attractive:

See this baby do push-ups and immediately feel like the most lazy person alive.
Ariana Grande Unveiled Shocking Silver New Hair Color

Weekly uses power words in almost every single headline they publish:

US weekly using power words on their website

The words “Reveals,” “Games” and “Show Off” arouse interest and trigger an emotional reaction that acts like a click magnet.

Using power words in your headlines to make them so irresistible that readers can’t help but press.

Power Words in Subheadlines

People are not reading your content. Research indicates that they weren’t in 1997, and they’re definitely not now. [] Note: []

They’re searching instead of reading. Unless you are able to attract their attention.

How is that? By adding power words.

Power words in your subheaders catch your attention and draw the reader to actually read the material instead of only scanning it.

My latest essay on convincing words had a reading rate of 65 per cent (15-20 per cent on average):

Example of thirteen using power words on article headlines

I used power words in my subheads to keep people moving down the page:

Example of thirteen using power words

Using power words in your sub-headers to hold the reader’s attention on the page to make sure they actually read what you’ve written.

Power Words in Product Name

When you name your items, you have two choices:

Be dull, man: Use terms in the product name that clearly explain the product (e.g. blue nail polish) but are otherwise dull.
Using names that are filled with a punch: Offer your product a descriptive name, but kick it up with powerful phrases.

Almost all product names fall into these two groups.

The company that makes the most of the power words in their product names is the nail care company OPI.

OPI should have called their product as “nail enhancer” after its feature. Instead, the power word (‘Nail Envy’) was used to make the product more desirable.

OPI using a power word to make their product more appealing

OPI also uses power words in the descriptions for their products.

OPI using power words on their website

Their lacquer colour may have been “dark red.” Instead, they used a power word (relentless) to elicit emotion.

Another example of the power word mastery of online space is that of David Siteman Garland, who developed a course on how to create online courses.

He may have just called his course “Build Online Courses,” but he spiced things up with a powerful word:

Example of power words being used on a conversion course landing page

The word “Awesome” makes the product unforgettable and stands out in a crowded room.

Power Words in Popups

Power words are actually underused in the beloved e-mail list building app, the popup.

If you have a List Creator, use power words in your explanations and pop-up offers.

Check out how Onnit uses the power word “Ultimate” for their freebie grocery guide on their pop-up list builder:

Content upgrade call to action with a power word in the title

Another example is Rick Mulready:

Rick Mulready using power words on his sumo popup

He uses strong terms like “Mistakes,” “Stop” and “Free” in his popup to turn visitors from casual readers to subscribers.

Power Words in Landing Pages

Landing pages are an easy way to block any additional noise on your website and ensure that the user is focused on only one particular call to action.

Using power words on your landing page will get your conversion rate from “not now” to “gimme!”

Amy Porterfield is a landing page genius, and creatively uses power words in her landing pages:

Amy Porterfield using power words on their webinar popup

“Free”, “Live”,“Master”, “5-Figure”, “Profitable” and “Strategy” are all power words, and they work together to make Amy’s landing page far more convincing than the power word-empty alternative:

Class: How to Create and Deliver Your Webinar (Even If You Don’t Have a List!)

Join me as I walk you through what it takes to create a webinar.

Did that make you go to sleep? Ok, wake up, more strength for the word goodness to come.

Power Words on Button

If you think that you’re running out of ways to use power words, think again. We haven’t even thought about using power words in the text icon.

Screenshot showing Sumo homepage

Without the word “Free” that button would go needlessly unpressed way too often.

We’re not the only ones who do this. Bulletproof does as well on their shop button: 

Bulletproof using power words on their website

The word power in this case is “now” which works on a dual duty by giving a sense of urgency.

Power Words in Testimonials

Remember how we told you that the testimonials were the granddaddy of social proof?

One company experimented using testimonials on their sales page and boosted transactions by 34 per cent. They add value to the brand’s reputation.

Make your testimonials work overtime for your company, including power words.

Marie Forleo is doing this on her testimonials page:

Marie Forleo using power words on her testimonials page

The terms “special” and “perfectly” set this testimonial apart from one that only includes the words “nice” or “well.”

Unfortunately, asking the clients to use powerful terms in their testimonials is a little tacky.

Make the next best thing possible by emphasising testimonials with power words on your website.

Email Subject Lines with Power Words

You put in a lot of effort to broaden your email list. Even though you work hard to build content they’ll enjoy, only 20-35 percent of your subscribers open your emails.

And you start to think…

Is your email list unresponsive? Is it because of the material you publish? Is there a problem with their spam filters?


However, it’s most definitely your subject lines.

Using power words in the subject line to turn up the heat on your email subject lines and draw more opens, clicks, and interaction.

In his email autoresponder set, Pat Flynn employs this technique:

Pat Flynn using power words on their email

See the power words “Super” and “Secret”? Feeling intrigued, aren’t you?

Jaime Masters from Eventual Millionaire does this too (“Create”, “Lucrative”):

Jaime Tardy using power words on their email subject line

To entice your subscribers to open your newsletters, use strong words in your subject lines. You put in a lot of effort to compose them, so they deserve to be read by as many people as possible.

Incorporate power words into your company or domain name.

If you haven’t yet started your firm, the name of your company is a great place to start using power words.

Using a strong word that defines what you do or who you do it for will significantly increase the efficacy of your marketing. For example, Elite Daily’s business name contains the powerful word “Elite,” which connotes exclusivity or high-quality.

Screenshot of Elite Daily

Melissa Ramos puts power words to work in her business name, Sexy Food Therapy:

b827e9ab d5ef 4f4e 931f ed3548f4de75&hash=15b2a49ec521aa116605e3ef656986a9672b8b45de99a324770c10bcad9896e7&format=webp

Derek Halpern, the developer of the popular online training resource Social Triggers, called his company after a powerful word (“Triggers”). It’s only normal, given that Derek teaches marketing psychology:

Social Triggers has a power word in their brand name

Incorporate a power word into the name of your next rebrand or company (for all you serial entrepreneurs) to ensure that you cause (see what I did there?) an emotional reaction the moment your customers come across your brand.

Calls to Action with Power Words

Any call to action is one of the most effective ways to use power words in your marketing.

For instance, we use the terms “Masterclass,” “Free,” “Best,” and “Step-by-Step.”

Sumo using the

On AppSumo, they use one power word (“Kick-Ass”) on their Welcome Mat popup:

Screenshot showing Appsumo Welcome Mat

On Snowy Joey, they use the power words “Profitable”, “Fun”, and “Free” for their free video course:

Screenshot showing SnowJoey homepage

James Clear uses power words in his menu as a call to action (“Free Newsletter”):

Screenshot showing James Clear website menu


I just showed you ten places to use hundreds of powerful words to make your marketing work overtime for your company.

Don’t just skip over this article and go about your day. Take action right now and start using power words in your ads.

Choose one of the examples in this post and start using the power words right away.

What’s the simplest way to get started? Incorporate power words into your List Builder tool’s calls to action and headlines, such as this:

Screenshot showing CRIk Nutrition popup

Set up a quick popup to appear 5 seconds after a visitor arrives at your website.
Make a “FREE” offer to visitors to get your most famous post, video, or something else that will help you expand your email list quickly and easily.

Then take a seat and watch your email signups skyrocket.

If you’d like a copy of our personal Power Words list to keep on your desk for when you’re writing content headlines, landing pages, and email capture forms, click below.

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