Unicorn Hunters S1 EP4: Intrommune

Unicorn Hunters S1 EP4: Intrommune

Meet the company fighting food related allergies to help millions live without fear.

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More than half a billion people live with -related allergies around the world, and Intrommune Therapeutics aims to help them live without fear by transforming allergy immunotherapy with its revolutionary treatment platform, a toothpaste that delivers proteins to the immune system allowing sufferers to develop a gradual immunity. 

Intrommune’s immunotherapy toothpaste, known as INT301 is in Phase 1 clinical development for patients with peanut-related allergies and a second toothpaste product designed to address other food allergies is in development. With an estimated $7 Billion per year market potential in the US, and an even greater potential across the globe, Intrommune Therapeutics is poised for growth, aided by its global, exclusive rights to 35 patents. To learn more about Intrommune, watch the newest episode streaming on Unicorn Hunters now.

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