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Passionate Entrepreneur

About Me

A Self Taught Multitalented Individual

Lee Copp has a curiosity for knowledge, not only that… but believes only hard work will get you to where you want to be. While being a passionate entrepreneur I have created Thirteen in hopes to establish Thirteen as a leading business brand while achieving to inspire the 21st century through multiple projects.


In the beginning there was only one website (project), Artificial Geek. A Windows slash Linux blog allowing Lee to share his ever-expanding knowledge learnt through the years operating these two systems.

Since 2017 he has started up his own web design company behind the name Thirteen, plus multiple ecommerce businesses.


As an aspiring entrepreneur I am always looking for my next big project. Whether it’s working for myself, or creating an awesome partnership with another passionate individual.

If you’re looking to start up a collaboration with me, get in touch so we can share ideas.

Always looking forward to interacting with others.

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Latest Projects

I am currently working on a few projects at the minute, and as always would love to receive any positive feedback from other passionate entrepreneurs.

Space Geek

E-Commerce Store

Bulb Ideas

E-Commerce Store


E-Commerce Store

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What People Say About Me

Lee’s passion shines like a flickering star in the night sky. Not only is he never satisfied with what he has already accomplished, but he will strive even further to reach bigger goals.

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