They will sell a 'mini-fridge' in the form of Xbox in December 2021

They will sell a ‘mini-fridge’ in the form of Xbox in December 2021

From Memes to Reality: Xbox announced that it would keep its promise on Twitter and release the Xbox Mini Fridge by next Christmas.

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When the Xbox Series X came out, users began to joke that the device looked more like a refrigerator than a video game console. The new design went minimalist, giving the appearance of a monolith with little design and a small slot to put the games.

In April, Xbox was entering a Twitter Marketing contest. Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager of Marketing for Microsoft Studios saw an opportunity and tweeted that if they helped Xbox win a tweet contest against Skittles , they promised to produce the refrigerator that had become a meme trend.

All said and done, it was announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase that the Xbox Mini Fridge is already in production and will be available for you to give as a gift this Christmas. To continue the humorous tone with which it began, the product announcement is a satire of a video game trailer , beginning with the phrase, “A new system that leaves the other ice creams.” and ends by describing it as “the most powerful refrigerator in the world.” with epic music in the background.

The official launch date has not been announced, we only know that it will be on the market by the end of the year. Neither have they said an estimated price for it nor have they made known all the functions that the product will have. It is rumored that it will make the same noise when it is opened that the console does when it is turned on, but nothing has been officially mentioned.


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