They present 'StopElon' a cryptocurrency against the influence of Musk in that market

They present ‘StopElon’ a cryptocurrency against the influence of Musk in that market

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We have learned that it only takes one positive or negative tweet from Elon Musk for the value of cryptocurrencies to go up or down. This is how the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has become a prominent figure for investors in this market.

In this context, a movement or another digital currency was born, called “StopElon” (stop Elon) that has the objective of curbing the influence of the tycoon in the fluctuation of the price of cryptocurrencies.

“Why do we need to stop Elon Musk?”

On the official page of this asset, its creators expose the billionaire as an irresponsible manipulator of this market.

“Elon Musk famous for irresponsibly manipulating the cryptocurrency market with his Twitter account. He recently did it again, causing a massive collapse across borders when he tweeted that Tesla will stop accepting Bitcoins as payment, ”they explain on the page.

They also claim that Musk “is playing with people’s wallets like candy, like the narcissistic billionaire that he is and always will be.”

On their website they explain how you can join the movement or rather how to go about buying this new digital currency that, until the moment of this publication, was quoted at $ 0.00002865 per unit.

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This digital currency could follow the path of Ether or Dogecoin, however, it will be necessary to wait to find out how it is received by the followers of this market.


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