The CDMX goes to a yellow traffic light, but when will the green light come across the country? This says López-Gatell

The CDMX goes to a yellow traffic light, but when will the green light come across the country? This says López-Gatell

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell clarified how and when all of Mexico is expected to go to a green traffic light, the minimum level of alert for the pandemic.

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This morning, the government of Mexico City announced that CDMX will go to a yellow epidemiological traffic light as of May 10 . Given the downward trend in infections throughout the country, many wonder when we will go to the green light nationwide. However, the Undersecretary of Health , Hugo López-Gatell , ruled out that this occurs simultaneously for all of Mexico.

At a press conference, Eduardo Clark , director of Digital Government at the Digital Agency for Public Innovation in CDMX, said that the drop in this alert level for CDMX is due to the reduction in hospital occupancy of patients with COVID-19 , which is currently at 16.5%, according to High Level .

However, López-Gatell explained that the epidemic behaves differently in each entity, so it is not possible to estimate a date to implement the green traffic light throughout Mexico.

“From a scientific point of view, it is not possible to establish a precise end date of the pandemic, what we say is that while there is an epidemic in the rest of the world, we must maintain the expectation that the epidemic may emerge ,” he said.

He anticipated that the most possible is that, gradually, more states will be added to the minimum alert level.

“Today we have several entities in green and if that trend continues, we will have everything in green,” said the official, recalling that they have been 15 consecutive weeks with a reduction in cases. “We see a very stable control behavior, this is not easy in densely populated countries ,” he added.

López-Gatell stressed the importance of the population maintaining sanitary measures to further reduce infections . He also highlighted that this Wednesday a record was broken in the application of vaccines against Covid-19 in the country, with more than 600 thousand doses .

“I also take this opportunity to tell you that we have not had supply problems (of vaccines),” said the official.

More than 13.3 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Since there are about 126 million inhabitants in Mexico, according to the INEGI 2020 Census, this means that around 10.4% of the population has been immunized.


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