The arrival of shitcoins? A toilet pays you for your waste

The arrival of shitcoins? A toilet pays you for your waste

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It seems that there are already cryptocurrencies based on anything, but human waste? That is the BeeVi proposal, a toilet that will pay you for your waste and turn it into fuel.

Chae Jae-won, the creator of this ingenious device, is a professor of environmental engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. A few years ago he published an article explaining how compost can be used to generate fuel. There are now several toilets in the university that students and teachers can use.

People who use it are paid with a cryptocurrency called Ggool and your winnings can buy books or coffee within the university. Those who use these toilets earn 10 Ggool a day.

Instead of the waste going down the sewer, this toilet contains a vacuum pump that sucks it up and sends it to an underground bioreactor where microorganisms chew up the waste and release methane that can be used as heating fuel.

The professor explains that an average person defecates around 500 grams of daily waste that is equivalent to 50 liters of methane gas and can be converted into 0.5 kilowatts of electricity with enough to charge your cell phone.

“We wish money could exist in nature and once you use that money, return to the natural state,” says the creator of BeeVi


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