Should You Use a Meme-Worthy Goatee Stencil?

Should You Use a Meme-Worthy Goatee Stencil?

We here at Lifehacker have a great sense of humor, that’s why we wanted to test out one of our favorite memes to see if there’s really any good tips to find in making fun of capitalist swine.

In the meme, a white man uses a plastic stencil to give himself a perfectly shaped goatee. While we would not test out the importance of defending capitalism on Twitter, we did get our hands on a similar goatee stencil from the photo. The plastic piece—the brand name of the one we tested is called “Sleek Goatee”—is an adjustable mold that you can expand to fit the contours of your face.

With the help of some enthusiastic video producers, we saw if the Sleek Goatee could give us an Elon Musk-worthy goatee, and then shocked our unsuspecting significant others to see what they thought of our new facial hair creations. In the end, would we recommend using such a stencil to craft a perfectly shaped mini-beard on your own face? Watch the video above to find out.



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