Microsoft boosts e-sports with the first Excel World Tournament, here the details

Microsoft boosts e-sports with the first Excel World Tournament, here the details

Microsoft hosted the Financial Modeling World Cup, a global tournament where Excel experts from around the world competed for a hefty $ 20,000 prize pool.

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If you think Excel tables are only good for impressing your boss with well-organized data, calculations, and graphs, think twice. Yesterday, June 8, starting at 7:00 am (GMT-5, Mexico City), the first World Excel Tournament organized by Microsoft began . The Financial Modeling World Cup event is part of the efforts to promote e-sports , which although they are already a benchmark in the gamer world, now they are seeking to expand them beyond video games.

Microsoft’s initiative consists of bringing together eight of the best financial modelers in the world, to show who is the best at handling Excel. Representatives from the United States, Poland, Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and South Africa participate in this first edition. The winner will win a prize of $ 20,000 (about 400 thousand Mexican pesos).

The contenders had to solve a business case by creating a financial model , as well as answering various questions related to the model.

“Unlike the usual monthly stages of the FMWC, the answers will be sent within the Excel file. Each participant will have access to a financial model, located on FMWC OneDrive. Participants must prepare calculations in the financial model assigned to them and send the answers in a response tab that will be included in these models, ”they explain on the official tournament page.

Perhaps it is time to hone our skills, exercise typing speed and learn to use Excel like experts, because it is convenient to be ready for future editions of the Financial Modeling World Cup and it is convenient to be ready.

Here is the video of the first Excel World Tournament , so that you can learn new tricks that you could apply in your day to day:


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