Mexican jumps to try the 'anti-sex' beds of Tokyo and goes viral: VIDEO

Mexican jumps to try the ‘anti-sex’ beds of Tokyo and goes viral: VIDEO

Jorge Cárdenas uploaded a tiktok showing his followers the resistance of the beds in the Olympic Village.

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Beds made of sustainable materials at Olympic Village went viral after Japanese authorities said they were made of cardboard so athletes couldn’t have sex during the Olympics .

As a result of this, the Sinaloan weightlifter Jorge Cárdenas decided to upload a tiktok that read “For those who asked about ‘anti-sex beds’ ” where he checks the resistance of beds made with recyclable materials. The video has more than 5.8 million views and 430 thousand likes.

In the video, the athlete threw himself onto the bed with all his strength (the famous “leap of the tiger” favorite among Latin Americans) to see if he could support his weight and the bed remained intact. According to the manufacturers, they are built to support a maximum of 200 kg, but it is recommended that only one person use them to avoid COVID-19 infections.

A Northern Irish gymnast did the same for his fans, so it’s safe to assume that “anti-sex” beds won’t necessarily serve their purpose.


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