Meet 'Yayagram', the device created by a young man to communicate with his grandmother

Meet ‘Yayagram’, the device created by a young man to communicate with his grandmother

The computer engineer Manuel Lucio presented his invention on Twitter, which consists of a curious device to facilitate communication with his grandmother and which he baptized as ‘Yayagram’.

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One of the sectors most affected by social isolation since the Covid-19 pandemic began are the elderly. While young people can overcome loneliness thanks to social networks and video calls, for them it is more complicated, due to the difficulties in dealing with technology. To help his grandmother communicate with the family, a young man created the ‘Yayagram’ , a curious device that you must know.

Manuel Lucio , a Spanish computer engineer, presented the ‘Yayagram’ on April 18 on his Twitter account and it went viral in record time!

Hello world, I present to you the Yayagram! A device that helps the elderly to communicate with their granddaughters and grandchildren. How? I open the thread with the details of the pot! “ , Wrote the young inventor.

Next, the engineer explained that the ‘Yayagram’ is a device capable of sending voice messages via Telegram just by pressing a button. You can also receive messages from the same social network and then physically print them on thermal paper “so that you can touch and read it .”

“To send voice messages, the first thing is to choose the grandson or granddaughter to whom to send the message, or all at the same time. The selection is made with a ‘Las Chicas Del Cable’ jack ” , explained Manuel, referring to the ‘plugs’ that were connected to link calls in telephone exchanges several decades ago.

The ‘Yayagram’ is analog , that is, it requires holding down the button while saying the vox message into a microphone.

Regarding the software and hardware, the creator commented that “everything runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 and is made in Python. Various libraries are used for sending and receiving Telegram and printing on paper. In the code it uses three wires: one for the reception and printing of messages, another for the recording and sending of messages and finally another to monitor the connection and show it through an LED ” .

Finally, Manuel Lucio said that although his grandmother could telephone her relatives, she “does not handle herself well and does not hear very well .”

“I think the Yayagram gives her the independence to be able to communicate with all her grandchildren. And I could send WhatsApps, but with 96 years it is very difficult to get it right on a touch screen ” , concluded the ingenious creator of ‘Yayagram’ .

The Spanish engineer also revealed technical details about the installation of the device, so it is not known if he intends to commercialize it in the future or if he only shared it for altruistic purposes, so that others can replicate the model in their homes and can facilitate communication with their adults. older adults.


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