Lightning bolts were lethal for tourists trying to take a 'selfie' in India

Lightning bolts were lethal for tourists trying to take a ‘selfie’ in India

Between June and September there is a series of storms in the Asian region that claim hundreds of victims each year.

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India is in the middle of the great monsoon , a meteorological event that causes torrential rains in the region that are very important for agriculture, but also lethal for hundreds of people in the season.

This year 76 people have already died in different states, some of them were tourists. According to reports from Jaipur, capital of the state of Rajasthan, India. The most recent tragedy occurred when some tourists visited the two towers of Fort Amber to admire a storm, where several lightning strikes struck, killing at least 11 people and others were injured, three seriously.

Some injuries were not caused by the lightning, but as a result of collective panic, as the group tried to run from the towers. Those responsible for the region explained to the local press that many of them were taking selfies when the accident occurred.

Rajasthan has not been the only place affected, in Uttar Pradesh , a state in the north of the Asian country, people also died during the storm, at least 42 cases were reported, but the authorities have not given details about any of them. In Madhya Pradesh , central India, another 11 people lost their lives.

Indian Prime Minister Ahok Gehlot said he will compensate the families of the deceased with 500 thousand rupees ($ 6,700, approximately 134,326 Mexican pesos), according to local press. He also expressed his condolences.


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