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Hire A Web Designer Online – 9 Things To Do Before

It isn’t a smooth ride when you hire a web designer online, however, you want to do it.

Your future empire is up and running, you’ve got the traditional marketing products like eBooks, a subscription service, affiliate links etc, and now you face your ultimate obstacle: your website.

Your unique spot on the world wide web, otherwise known as your website, blog and virtual marketplace, is how you may present your online presence to the world. The whole of planet Earth will hopefully connect to your business through this portal (internet site). So seriously, no pressure, right?

So, what’s a new entrepreneur with little web design skills supposed to do? You need the most EPIC website possible, and to do it you need to hire a web designer online for the help. And like most, you will probably search google and seek the web designer you need without thinking twice?

Well, don’t do that just yet.

Take a look at these nine things you should do before you hire a web designer online

  • Ask Around

Instead of that random Google search, it’s time to use your network connections from real people who have the experience. Don’t have any connections? Join Our Project 13 Network Which Helps to Connect Entrepreneurs Together.

Ideally, like anything you purchase its recommended to follow the path of someone you know who has genuine feedback about a web designer.

There are hundreds of thousands of web designers online that help people create websites. But what kind of service do they offer? Do they get into a deep conversation about your business needs and goals? Or do they just wing it and hope for the best and leave it at that.

That’s one thing we focus on here at 13 Web Design. We get into a discussion collecting all the information we can from you and start to design a draft version of your idea. And we continue to go from that starting point. The unique concept that 13 Web Design has is that we let the customer decide on how much they want to pay. If your interested don’t be afraid to get in touch here.

Also, that’s why we value being part of a network that has all the support and connections you need to start building a successful empire online.

If you haven’t got the connections to ask around, we do suggest looking up sites that offer freelancing jobs for instance fiver is a popular one. By doing this you can look at other people reviews and their websites to get a feel on the work the web designer achieves.

Better yet, all that time you’ve spent online, you must have seen a website or two that you have loved the design of? I know I have. Why not get InTouch with the web designer of those specific websites and spark a discussion? Most web designers leave a mark at the bottom of a web page similar to “Designed by 13 Web Design” to show off how proud they are.

  • Know Your Website Goals and Targets

Before you hire a web designer online, ask yourself: What is the goal of your website? To sell products and subscriptions, to build an email list, or will it exist to provide information to readers?

A web designer begins a consultation with asking these sorts of questions to understand what you are looking for in a website. Most web designers charge you for the conversation. We at Thirteen don’t believe this and off our consultation, conversation or discussion (whatever you want to call it) for free. We are driven to helping entrepreneurs grow.

We recommend again to create a list of goals and targets you want your website to achieve. While also supplying a list of websites you like the look of and websites you hate the look of. This gives the designer a clearer understanding. By allowing the web designer to know what you want to accomplish, this helps to customise the layout and design for you and your future customers. Don’t forget this is only going to be the first draft and a very basic starting point.

  • Create a Vision Board

An awesome idea when hiring a web designer. Vision boards aren’t just for the younger generation who are unsure in what direction to take their life’s in. In fact, most successful businesses design vision boards to help them decide a clear direction they want the company to go. And why make your business any different?

It doesn’t matter if your hiring a web designer online what sort of vision board you create. A vision board is also a personal way of creative thinking and if you want to create a digital one or a real vision board on your study wall go ahead. You can always send a photo of the board to a future web designer. The main point for this task is to mind map everything from colour, your logo, font choice, slogans or phrases, and what images you intend to use when advertising and marketing comes into expanding your online empire.

  • Make a Design Wish List

Two things of the bat, when hiring a web designer online are you hiring them to build a website from scratch? Or have you already got a domain existing but want to update it? Obviously, these are two different types of conversations you will be having. For example, one will focus on creating a whole vision, where as the other will look to enhance on what is already built.

If your starting from complete scratch or maybe even a complete redesign, start adding to your design wish list things like what pages you require, headers, buttons, menus and any other elements you want to include in your website.

This also includes social media buttons and brand images needed to promote yourself online. All these elements will start to add up and will help the web designer to come up with an estimation on time and money to bring your vision to life.

  • Budget

Building a website is like adding an extension to a house. It’s always dearer than you anticipated.

Don’t let this scare you, just be prepared for this to happen. Maybe take a little look online or ask around what the steady price seems to be for a complete web design so that you have a rough idea what you will be aiming for.

We know web design can become expensive and especially for business or an individual who haven’t got the money to afford it. Hence why 13 Web Design exists! You pay what you can afford and we work together to bring your idea possible.

Find out prices can be tricky if you don’t have any connections who have previously hired a web designer online. It’s kind of leaves you in the dark and going of the judgment of yourself. This is also the reason why we started Project 13 Network. Being apart of the network gives you the ability to ask for information from other users who have been there and done it. Guiding you to make the right decisions from their mistakes. Even though this network has just started, its free and we know that everyone has something to share no matter what corner of the web you’ve been in.

Join our Facebook Group and new created Forum today.

Knowing your budget is so important. So always have a number in your head and be prepared.

  • Give Each Page a Purpose

Every single page on your site needs a purpose. Figure out how many pages you need in order for your website to function the way you want it to. Making it as clear and uncluttered as possible. Giving a pleasant user experience when they arrive on your website. Think about the target of every page and how you want your customers to respond to it.

These are only a few questions you need to bring to the table before hiring a web designer online. Most web designers set an hourly fee and if you don’t have any of this information from the get go, that’s going to make your start-up fee without beginning any work on your website design up.

That’s why giving examples of other websites and giving hints to what you do and don’t like will make the process a lot faster. Remember not to try and reproduce the other websites but instead create something similar and unique to your business/brand.

Just a little tip, the 5 main pages for a website usually are:




Product or Service Details


Tip – keep in mind that customizing an already up and running web design will usually take longer due to the fact of website structure, and current format etc. It is usually best to start from complete scratch. So, keep that in mind when hiring a web designer online.

  • Have Your Copy Ready

You might have known this or not, but its best to have your titles, slogans and phrases completed for each specific page before the web designer starts work on your website.

We suggest these to be the final content you want to publish, unless your skilful enough to edit them on your own later down the line. Not everyone is skilled in certain areas and so if you find yourself unable to write down any ideas. Take into consideration of hiring a creator to do it for you.

Your copy that you eventually hand over ready for the web designer to start working should be the very latest and hopefully final draft of your views. This helps to set a basic layout from which you and the designer can work around. This will save time and money.

  • Establish a Creative Process Online Folder Before the Meeting

If you haven’t already, we suggest you create an online folder that you and your web designer will be able to access and share files. A smooth online collaboration is ideal when operating with a web designer, we suggest using services like Google Docs or Dropbox to create a folder online. Adding your thoughts, ideas, images etc that a web designer will need to access your project.

A few examples your online shared folder would contain:

Your Copy (Original)

Your Copy (Editorial Draft)

Supply both your original copy and an editorial copy will help speed up production. For instance, each person can access and make edits. Plus, when an edit has been saved the other person is able to read when the modification took place and view the document in real-time.


All the images you plan on using for your website should be available in this folder. Headers, Branding, Logos, Photos, etc.

Website sitemap

A sitemap is a structural layout of how you want your website to perform. For instance, how you want your links to operate around your website. An example of a website sitemap is below:

Example of Sitemap blog Thirteen Hire Web Designer Online Post
Example of Sitemap WooCommerce Thirteen Hire Web Designer Online Post

Web design settlement and agreement

When it comes to designing a website, it’s crucial that you and your web designer are on the same page regarding expectations. Make sure you both agree on a completion time.

For example:

You may think it takes weeks to create a website and get it up and running. However, the truth is, the design process can take numerous months based on how complex the website design is.

Tip – before any work starts to take place, discuss and create with your web designer a contract that sets the terms of your agreement. This will usually include the budget and timeline, and what the communication expectancy is between the two parties.


Would you like a progress report daily, or weekly? How frequently will you communicate over email?

Having all of this set out in stone will ease pressure off you and the web designer. Keeping all the main focus on delivering you an awesome website.

Quick Tip – When you gather images. These pictures will include Logos, illustrations, images etc. This is also where copyright comes into play. Any picture used on your website requires it to be created by you, purchased or via professional help.

It isn’t possible to reproduce images from another website and declare them as your own.

Images can be personal snap shots, purchased stock images from sites like Shutterstock, iStock or similar services. Maybe hire a designer to create custom illustrations for your website.

Visual content is a very impactful way of engaging your customers. Make sure to have professional, compelling, and logo specific images to make the most impact.

  • Create a Launch Plan

Once your website is prepared, what’s the plan?

Usually, before you even hire a web designer online, you need to consider how you’re going to promote it upon completion. Some companies make an event out of the launch of their website to help grow the buzz around their brand. Others provide high-quality customer testimonials on their website through statements and videos, helping to promote their websites through social media.

When you believe your website is ready to receive traffic, make sure to double check these three things:


Check, double check and maybe even triple check to make sure there aren’t any spelling or punctuation errors. We at 13 Web Design believes first impression count and there isn’t any better way of losing a potential customer than making a terrible first impression.


Check all the links to make sure everything is running smoothly and how it should be. If you have an email account set up with the domain name, make sure you can send/receive emails. If your store has merchandise for purchase, have you tested the links to make sure the merchandise orders go through correctly?

Mobile Friendly

A major tip is to check your website on a mobile device to make sure that mobile users can access and use your website without any problems. Nearly 50% of the traffic online is through mobile devices so you don’t want to lose customers because your new website doesn’t work with handheld devices.

Tip – One final thing is to send your website link to friends and family and ask them for their opinions.

Once you have taken these points into consideration, we believe you are ready to hire a web designer online. Hopefully, 13 Web Design as we offer a service where you choose the fee and keep communication frequently throughout the project.

Enjoy your brand-new website

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