Heineken and the CRT reach a 'friendly agreement' for the use of the word 'Tequila'

Heineken and the CRT reach a ‘friendly agreement’ for the use of the word ‘Tequila’

This resolution comes after the Dutch brewer failed to comply with the regulation of the sale of its drink Desperados.

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The Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) announced this week that it reached an agreement with the brewery Heineken on the correct use of the word ‘Tequila’ , after the Dutch company failed to comply with the sales regulation with its Desperados drink.

According to Forbes reports, during the process, in matters of industrial and commercial property “various judicial fronts were opened” in the European Union. Finally, an amicable agreement was reached from the legal dispute with the corporate.

The CRT is in charge of inspecting and certifying that the applicable regulations are complied with and safeguarding the denomination of origin in Mexico and in the world, since currently, tequila is protected in 55 countries and most of the total exports are sent to these destinations.

The new agreement benefits both Heineken and the CRT, but these terms are confidential. Let us remember that tequila is a Mexican product that has been protected since 1997 in the Agreement between Mexico and the European Union , where they make the Mutual Recognition and the protection of the Denominations of Origin of the spirits sector.

The European Union has the second place in the export market for Mexican tequila, approximately 20 million liters of 50 different brands of the drink are exported annually.


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