Grow Your Online Presence On Twitch in 2020

Grow Your Online Presence On Twitch in 2020

Tips For Beginners To Grow Your Online Presence

Twitch is the most popular online platform that delivers viewers a power-packed digital gaming experience, but how do you build your online presence on Twitch. Launched in 2011, Twitch was solely focused on video games. But now it has catapulted itself into a multi-channel online streaming community filled with gamers, musicians, talk show hosts and art lovers.

Estimated around 3.5 million unique visitors land on Twitch each month, apart from the 50,000 streamers that already earn from the Twitch platform. Within its first month of launch, it had over 8 million visitors and was soon brought into the eyes of Amazon, who took over it in 2014 knowing the potential it could harvest. Interestingly enough, Twitch has accumulated as much traffic as the internet giants Google and Netflix for its online presence in the gaming world.

How does Twitch Function?

Just like YouTube, Twitch can be streamed through there website or on many mobile apps which are available to the public. Twitch offers gamers the chance to stream their gaming experience straight to viewers online. Twitch also offers partnerships and affiliates, so you can subscribe to twitches monthly subscriptions which support the expenses of your favourite online streamer.

Over the years, Twitch has become a more social community of gamers and live streamers for various categories. Twitch also allows users to follow and DM each other, have secret chat rooms, and connect through mediums similar to Youtube and Facebook.

In simple terms – Twitch is exactly like YouTube but for gaming and virtual reality.

A Quick Look At The Value of Twitch Today

So in 2017, Twitch only allowed a certain amount of there streamers access to their Twitch Affiliate program. That year there were 17,000 partners on Twitch, out of 2.2 million which were counted as unique monthly visitors. In 2018, the number had doubled in Twitch Partners increasing the figure to 27,000 monthly streamers. With the growth still rising at the end of 2018, now in 2020 and with the Coronavirus pandemic, plus the closure of rival company Mixer. Twitch has seen a massive increase in Twitch Partners and monthly unique users. This has made it extremely hard to build your online presence quickly.

At the end of the day, Twitch is an amazing platform which can help in finding an audience, creating viral content, and generate revenue. If you’re lucky enough to become one of the Twitch elite streamers. You can ultimately receive ad revenue, donations, subscriptions, affiliation links and even merchandising to boost your worth. These top streamers have turned online streaming into a lucrative career, with earnings as much as £300,000 in a single month.

How To Build Your Twitch Channel

Twitch’s audience is fast growing each month, immensely active and very contributive. The numbers don’t lie and here are my tips on how you can maximise your efforts to making it big on this versatile platform.

Set Small Goals

S.M.A.R.T is a mnemonic acronym which gives you an insight on how you should go about organising your goals.

Specific – Be realistic on the amount of subscribers you want to achieve for your channel.

Measurable – Plan out little milestones as to calculate the effectiveness of your strategy.

Attainable – Don’t reach for the stars and expect to hit 1 million subscribers in a month. Be realistic at what you can achieve.

Relevant – Stream relevant content.

Timely – Plan a schedule and follow it to the T. Even have a schedule listing on your panels page so that your viewers know when your streaming.

Steam Constantly – streaming on a gaming platform needs to be consistent, action-packed, fast-paced and maybe user interactive. If you want a loyal fan base you need to work towards it. That’s why I suggested to create a schedule and share it with your viewers. It will set the pace and encourage regular viewing. Streaming consistently is the most effective way of growing your following and establishing yourself as a Twitch professional.

Offer Value – I’m not much of a gamer, but I do like to run a business. And I say you need to treat your channel like it’s your business and brand. Your streaming needs to be thought of as a service just like a normal business would provide. Attracting those first-time subscribers is good easy engagement, but you need to understand that achieving recurring value generates more revenue. So, providing value to your channel gives you a fighting chance to battle it out amongst other streamers competing to do the same.

Play The Right Games – I guarantee you will not enjoy streaming if you haven’t found the balance between the games you enjoy playing and the games that your audience prefer. Balance is key, and a great way to gain more followers is by peaking their interest and playing/streaming games that they haven’t heard of. This engages them to click on your channel to find out what the game is all about and hopefully resulting in a sub to your channel. Always be open to taking chances and experiment, since the gaming culture is always expanding.

Interaction – Not all viewers are drawn to your channel in the hopes to watch some epic gameplay. Some viewers may gravitate to your channel to get to know you, your preferences and maybe voice their own opinions on multiple subjects. Audience interaction is the best way to engage your viewers and guarantee a constant flow of incoming traffic. Always keep an eye out for your chat and keep the conversations flowing. Viewers like it when you ask them questions and get to know their preferences in the real world. This will help to keep your channel alive, long after the excitement of the game dies.

Promote On Social Media Just streaming alone on Twitch is not enough to get your channel seen. There is a whole world outside of Twitch that gamers interact on, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Find any way possible to interact with your audience through social media. You can discuss the latest consoles and games, start a war over which game is better. Anything to get engaging with your audience and promote your Twitch channel. Visibility is the key! if you’re not seen, you don’t exist. Try getting involved in other streamers posts and get your self heard.

Join A Gaming Team – The benefits of joining a gaming team can be great for getting your channel known. With being in a team, the other members can promote your channel to their audiences. Ultimately driving more traffic to your channel, then it’s down to you to engage with them to get the sub. If your not in a team, I recommend taking a look at founded by two ex-mixer streamers, they have a mission to deliver positive online gameplay and make a massive impact in the online community.

Running Contests – While going through all the methods on how you can build your Twitch online presence. One of the most single effective methods is to run a contest and host takeaways. When you’re talking about generating leads and targeting your audience. Running host takeaways is probably the most cost-efficient way of spreading your channel. Doing this encourages social sharing and builds a stronger connection with your viewers while welcoming newer ones. Gleam is an excellent way of adding competitions/contests to your channel. After creating your contest with a prize in hand, always make sure to share it on your social media and possible get your friends/family and gaming teammates to reshare, expanding the number of engagements and hopefully increasing the number of visitors to your channel.

All the tips above are the most effective ways on how to go about building your online presence on Twitch. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many ways you can build your online presence on Twitch with more interactive methods. I will try and cover these in another post so please subscribe so you don’t miss it. I hope these tips will help you increase your Twitch online presence and build your loyal followers. So, get gaming, get streaming, develop your channel and pursue your Twitch career.

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