Do you have an education company in Latin America? Australia wants to support you

Do you have an education company in Latin America? Australia wants to support you

From May 3 to 14, the “Australian EdTech Mission in Latin America” program will take place. We tell you how to register for the event!

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The “Australian EdTech Mission in Latin America” program , in alliance with the Global Edtech Impact Alliance and supported by EduGrowth, is held from May 3 to 14 and aims to identify business opportunities, accelerate the entry into the Latin market of Edtech companies from Victoria and be part of the educational technology and innovation ecosystem in Latin America.

These Australian edtech companies will deliver presentations and pitches to a network of Latin American educational leaders in order to build a local reputation, generate a relevant network of potential partners and clients, and position themselves in the region.

The technological platforms they bring cover the following sectors:

  • K12 schools
  • Higher education
  • Business training
  • Professional development

Why in Latin America?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Latin America had one of the fastest growing higher education enrollment rates in the world.

According to The Economist , at the peak of the pandemic in 2020, more than 95% of the 150 million students in the region stayed at home.

Therefore, governments, K12 schools, universities and tertiary institutions in the region are intensifying their efforts to ensure the continuity of education delivery, investing in the improvement of their management capacity and online delivery, including, among others, the following technologies:

  • Learning management systems
  • Online teaching, including platform and content development.
  • Learning english language
  • Gamification
  • Online Assessments
  • Training and professional development

As venture capital investment in Australia’s technology sector has grown dramatically over the past three years, Victoria’s educational technology providers are well positioned to be part of the transformation of education in Latin America. .

At the end of the mission, an open Webinar called Australia’s EdTech and Innovation Showcase will be held . This event is open to all professionals in the education sector interested in learning more about Victoria’s Edtech ecosystem.

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