Coinbase plans to create a cryptocurrency-centric App Store

Coinbase plans to create a cryptocurrency-centric App Store

This was explained by the CEO of the company in a post on his blog.

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Brian Armstrong , CEO of Coinbase , explained in a blog post that one of the next steps to explore in the world of cryptocurrencies will be the creation of a crypto-centric App Store.

“With all this new innovation coming to crypto, we have a great opportunity to give our customers access to these new products and features,” Armstrong explains before diving into his options.

According to the executive, an app store centralized in crypto assets would offer decentralized applications developed by third parties (dApps), following Apple’s example by empowering other developers and providing its users with an easy way to access new platforms.

“Apple did not try to create all iPhone applications, but rather empowered developers and provided mobile device users with an easy way to access innovative new applications. We need to do the same in crypto.

There are now tens of billions of dollars of economic activity running on dApps, and a new trend appears every three months. We will work to give our users easy access to all of this from Coinbase’s core product, ”he says.

Other issues on Armstrong’s to-do list include attracting new digital assets to your company and its constant geographic expansion, which already offers services in 100 countries.

Likewise, its action steps to achieve these goals include reducing burdens for cryptocurrency issuers, creating an “experimental zone” for new assets, and moving towards the approval of new assets.


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