An allergy to job stress made her a life coach

An allergy to job stress made her a life coach

The story of the woman who had an allergic reaction from working overtime and had to drop everything to recover.

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Caitlin Taylor , a 30-year-old woman, devoted much of her life to finance because it was an activity that would benefit her financially. However, when she worked as a banker in London , a lot was demanded of her, she worked from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on a “normal day”, this caused her stress level to increase to such a degree that she developed an allergic reaction .

For a year she was so focused on her work that her body was the one that warned her that something was wrong with her health. The symptoms of stress transformed into an inflammation of the skin all over her body , called hives, including her face. It became so swollen that he could barely see and breathe from the swelling. At first, the doctors thought it could be cancer , but there were no findings in the studies to confirm it.

“They gave me steroids and a stronger antihistamine , but it kept coming back. Then the brain fog started, which was really affecting my work. This put a lot of stress on me and I realized that the more stressed I was, the worse the hives got . Hives came and went, but it got progressively worse every time I came back, ”Caitlin said in an interview with SWNS .

It was until she had to be hospitalized for three weeks for respiratory problems that she consulted private medical experts and they concluded that she was suffering from an allergic stress reaction. They explained that so that he did not have to take strong medications, he had to lead a calmer life . So he decided to leave his job , which paid him 55 thousand euros (1,315,045 Mexican pesos around) a year, to spend all his savings traveling the world.

It was a decision that changed his life completely , since for the two and a half years that he traveled the world , without a specific plan, his allergy has disappeared. Returning to the UK as a life coach and project manager, Taylor believes that decision saved her life . Today she is ready to help wake up other workers to the impact of extreme stress on health and help them escape the daily grind.


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