7 of the Best Smartphones for Older People (2021)

7 of the Best Smartphones for Older People (2021)

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Just because someone is getting up there in years, that doesn’t mean the should internet-connected world need leave them behind. Yes, even the silver-haired among us deserve to make Zoom calls, message on WhatsApp, and play a game or two.

Yes, the cliche that older people and tech don’t mix is a persistent one, but there are many smartphones designed with senior citizens in mind—plus you can enable special modes in popular smartphones to make them easier for this crowd to use. Even if your parents or grandparents have never used a computer, they can still get up and running using a smartphone in no time.

When it comes to picking the best smartphone for senior citizens, there are quite a lot of choices. For those on a fixed budget, there are cheaper options, while those looking for a device that will last can choose near-flagship level smartphones with special easy-access modes.

Check out our list for complete recommendations—but first, a caveat:

A note about Jitterbug and related companies

During our research, we came across smartphones from Jitterbug, TheGreatCall, and Lively. They are usually highly recommended to senior citizens because they are specially designed for that group and come with a service dedicated to helping with device issues and emergency services.

But we recommend staying away from these products. The Jitterbug Smart2 hasn’t been updated since 2018, and has terrible reviews on Amazon. The Lively smartphone, which claims to be the successor of Jitterbug, has no reviews on Amazon, which isn’t encouraging either.


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