7 Cheaper Alternatives to Apple's iPad Accessories

7 Cheaper Alternatives to Apple’s iPad Accessories

4. Logitech Crayon ($67.99)

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The Apple Pencil is a great stylus for the iPad, especially the second-generation model that magnetically attaches to the iPad Air and iPad Pro, but at $99, it’s not for everyone. Another common complaint is that it’s just a bit too small and thin.

While you’ll find plenty of styli on Amazon for less than $10, these aren’t reliable, and they can’t really take advantage of the iPad Pro’s high touch-sampling rate. But the Logitech Crayon can.

Again, the Logitech Crayon was developed with the help of Apple, and it’s supported by all the apps that support Apple Pencil. You get the same precise input, in a chunkier-and-grippier body, and it’s $30 cheaper than the Apple Pencil. It also works with all iPads that support the Apple Pencil.


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