6 Ways to Show Your Child That Reading Is Awesome

6 Ways to Show Your Child That Reading Is Awesome

I enjoy reading. I read wherever and whenever I can. Fortunately, I live alone, so that helps me hide the stacks of books I accumulate over time. I admit that one of my missions is to create another bookworm out of my son. So, here are a few strategies on how to show your child that reading is awesome…because it is.

6 Ways to Show Your Child That Reading Is Awesome 2

1. Lead by example.

When your child sees you reading, something magical happens. He will believe reading is important and enjoyable because you tell him so, not because you say, “You know, reading is important and enjoyable!” Don’t do it. Simply go about your business of reading in your home and say nothing. Believe me, your son or daughter will notice.

The important thing here is to show your child the value of reading. I say it all the time on this blog: it’s more about what you do than what you say.

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2. Share a book with your child.

If you have older children, reading aloud may seem strange, but if you have young children, make an effort to read aloud to them as much as possible.

Reading together creates a bond between you and your child that no other activity can provide. Allow me to entertain you for a moment: my son was a snuggly baby when we brought him home. I’ll never forget reading aloud with my son and Stephen Hawkings – A Brief History of Time in my arms at the same time (books can be large and expensive—like babies!).

My point is that, while he will never remember me reading to him at that age, there was a bond formed in those moments that cannot be explained or broken.

Reading with a young child will also provide opportunities for conversation. Inquiries such as “Why do you think he did that?” or “what kind of dog do you prefer?” can spark a lively discussion between you and your child.

Read the same book as your pre-teen, teen, or college student and find ways to discuss it together with your older child.

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3. Make books available.

Is it a no-brainer? No, not at all. Consider this: Does your child have books in his or her room? If so, are there books on the low shelf available to him?

Simply having books on various topics around the house will pique your child’s interest in a topic he would not have considered otherwise. Make sure you have a variety of topics of potential interest around the house, ranging from space and flight to geology and geography.

In general, the more images you have, the better. Remember, if you’re developing a child’s interest in reading, the books don’t have to be full of words!

4. Allow Your Child to Select a Book.

After discussing your child’s favourite topic, spend time together shopping for the best book on that topic in a store or online. If you don’t have extra money to spend, visiting your local library can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

When my son asks, “Daddy, how many astronauts are in space right now?!” I will usually get him to type it into “Google” and get him to read it out to me. The goal here is to “create a moment” by spending time together. You don’t have to pay anything for this except your time and attention.

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5. Make reading a habit.

Depending on your schedule, the best time to read maybe in the morning, evening, or before going to bed. It doesn’t matter what time it is, but make it a habit to read for a few minutes every day. After dinner or before bedtime tends to help children to relax.

6. Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

Find a book that discusses a subject that your child is studying in school and try to interact that with real-life experience.

For example, museums can be a fantastic way for your child to interact with the content on some level, in some way the book will come to life for them.

What books have you and your child read this month?

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