6 Unexpected Uses for Cooking Spray

6 Unexpected Uses for Cooking Spray

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Cleaning your cheese grater can be messy, as the job usually leaves a lot of residue behind on your grater. Combine that with the challenge of cleaning the shredding holes without cutting yourself, and you’ve got the makings of a truly annoying kitchen task. Normally, my strategy for cleaning the cheese grater is to dump it into hot, soapy water, and clean it the best I can. This strategy usually results in an almost-clean grater that still has some residue left, in spite of my best efforts.

Instead, you can use cooking spray to make clean-up easier. A number of sources suggest spraying your cheese grater before grating, as that supposedly makes the whole process easier, but I’m not a fan of oil residue on my cheese. Instead, my suggestion is to spray your grater after grating your cheese, as that will still help dissolve the residue, making your clean up easier without coating your cheese in oil.



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