5 steps to adopt new habits and keep them forever

5 steps to adopt new habits and keep them forever

When adopting new habits, be sure to always choose those that will have a positive impact and give your life true meaning.

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Have you ever wanted to create new habits but still haven’t achieved it? Do you always fail in the attempt? Are you one of those who procrastinate all the time?

Without a doubt, adding new habits to our life is not an easy task. However, these will lead us to make great achievements, meet our goals and objectives or, on the contrary, those that will keep us within a comfort zone, without illusions or purposes and living a life that we do not want.

When adopting new habits , be sure to always choose those that will have a positive impact and give your life real meaning and not those with low relevance. Always ask yourself if this change is for you or to satisfy someone else and in what area of your life that change will be reflected.

The beginning is always difficult and the lack of perseverance is usually the main problem, that is why I share five key steps that have worked for me to create new habits and not fail in the attempt:

1. Clearly define what needs change or improvement

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Once you are clear about the starting point, think about where you want to go. Make sure you choose those habits that will give your life true meaning , define your goals and objectives. Do not want to improve everything at the same time, going step by step will make the difference between abandoning the new habit or not losing focus.

The clearer, more concrete and defined in time your objectives are, there will be no room for doubt.

2. Start small

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Don’t push yourself too hard from the first time, nothing happens overnight, so you will have to be patient with yourself. Become aware of the actions that you have to modify to achieve your goals and define a strategy to avoid giving excuses and these distract you from your focus.

We all move at a different pace, so you should avoid comparing your results with other people, expecting to achieve a goal in the same time as others is unrealistic and this can lead to frustration.

3. Create an action plan

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Once you have defined what you want to change or improve, you minimize the risk of failure. As in defining the objective, a good action plan must be very specific, measurable and concrete over time.

You can start by listing the actions that will help you reach your goal, and write them down on a list so that you keep them in mind at all times. Do not be in a hurry, put the rush aside and start walking, in the end, the most difficult thing is to start.

4. Use reminders and notes

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Design a calendar that allows you to visualize your goals, the achievements and progress you have made on a day-to-day basis and write them down. Reserve a specific day a week to analyze your progress and the results obtained.

You can also rely on alarms on your cell phone or paste notes in different places in your house, so as not to forget the habit you are acquiring. Feel free to devise your own strategies for creating your reminders and following up.

5. Repeat day by day

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Be constant and have determination, everything that is not worked is lost; Therefore, repeat the necessary and planned actions day by day to reinforce the new habit, at least until you have acquired it. In the event that you have failed one day, become aware of what the reasons have been, identify them and thus you will prevent it from happening again. Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments and stay motivated.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for a special time or date to start developing better habits . Just decide what you want to change or improve in your life, set a goal and reasonably define the time in which you want to achieve it.

Start building the life you want, you will see that with good habits, you will make it possible.


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