5 meditations that will fill you with energy

5 meditations that will fill you with energy

Put aside the cup of coffee – these meditations will help you feel focused and full of vitality.

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Surely it has happened to you: the alarm goes off and the first thing you think is “I don’t want to wake up.” You wake up reluctantly, thinking that a long and tedious day awaits you. Of course, your expectations are met; You have a stressful day and all you want is that it is time to go home. Does it sound familiar to you?

Starting the day with low energy will make your workday unexciting, challenging, and productive. Why not turn this situation around and get up on the right foot?

Put down your cup of coffee and try these meditations to feel focused and energized.

Fire breathing

Pranayama is a branch of yoga that focuses on breathing exercises to regulate energy. The breath of fire is an invigorating and purifying pranayama; stimulates the solar plexus and allows energy to flow freely. To start, take a deep breath to let your lungs expand. Then breathe in and out through your nose quickly and without pausing; When you exhale you should contract your abdomen, and when you inhale, relax the muscles so that the air inflates the navel. It’s like you’re pumping the air in a rhythmic way. Do it preferably when you wake up.

Apan mudra or mudra of vitality

Mudras are meditative postures performed with the arms and hands. Apan mudra is also known as the vitality mudra, as it helps clarify our goals, strengthen our will or feel more energetic. Sit up straight and legs crossed. Energetically rub the palms of your hands and massage your fingers. Then join the tips of the middle and ring fingers with your thumb. Stay like this for several minutes.

Powerful energy meditation

If you have a difficult day ahead of you, this meditation will provide you with intense energy. Sit up straight. Interlace all your fingers except the ring fingers; these should be well pressed against each other and pointing upwards. The right thumb should squeeze the left thumb. Place your hands at the level of your midriff and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply through your nose, with your mouth slightly open. Perform the exercise for 8 minutes.

Third chakra

According to Hindu tradition, the chakras are energy centers. The third chakra or manipura , located at the level of the solar plexus, is considered the center of power: here the will, creative and intellectual energy are concentrated. Also, activating it allows us to make effective decisions. To stimulate it, sit with your spine straight, with your legs together and stretched out in front. Place your arms at the sides of your body and support your palms. Inhale and slowly raise your legs to about 60 degrees; As you exhale, lower them. Repeat the movement 10 times. To finish, do Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.

Kundalini meditation

Sit in the lotus flower position or cross-legged. Place your hands at chest level, palms together. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale in a controlled manner for four beats, hold the breath for four beats, and exhale for four more beats. When you finish exhaling, hold another four seconds and start again. At the end, firmly press your hands for 10 seconds and relax on your knees.

If you want to stimulate your senses even more, put a burner with essential oils of lemon or bergamot, perfect to activate vital energy.


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