35 Cartoons Your Kids Will Love and You Won't Hate

35 Cartoons Your Kids Will Love and You Won’t Hate

I (Meghan) considered leaving Bluey off this list as a joke, but I don’t want my inbox to fill up with your fury, so here you go. This was, easily, the most mentioned show from the Facebook group (which recommended somewhere near 100 different shows, by the way). I’m not super familiar with it, given that it came out when my son was past the Disney Junior phase, but I did go down a Bluey YouTube rabbit hole yesterday after so many people in our group sang its praises. And, well, I’ll let a sample of them speak to its unparalleled greatness, in case you, too, are unfamiliar with it (if its placement on the New York Times’ best TV of 2020 list isn’t convincing enough):

“Seriously, it’s our favorite show right now. I think we love it more than the kids do.” (Jason)

“Bluey is for all ages, including parents for two hours after the kids go to school and you leave it on anyway.” (Ryan)

“Bluey is the best!” (Jen)

“Bluey is amazing, and I’m so happy there’s a second season now! I love the Dad.” (Rivkah)

“As many have mentioned, Bluey is THE BEST. For everyone.” (Maggie)

Where to stream: Disney+


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