30 Films That Are 'Green Flags,' According to Twitter

30 Films That Are ‘Green Flags,’ According to Twitter

A screenshot from The Princess Bride of Westley and Buttercup embracing

Screenshot: The Princess Bride/MGM

Twitter user Cuchillo Lope just dropped an inadvertent bomb on the social media platform, asking users for the kinds of movies that, when recommended, feel like green flags for your relationship with the recommender (as opposed to, well, red ones):

There was plenty of thoughtful discussion about the extent to which you can really judge someone based on their taste in movies, and whether or not notions of red or green flags feed into the oversimplification of film narratives and force us to make assumptions about people’s tastes without understanding the reason people like what they like. (There are also an awful lot of absolutely FURIOUS Fight Club fans who insist that there’s no such thing as a red flag… unless you don’t like Fight Club. I came here to defend the movie, honestly, but now I’m rethinking my whole scene.)

And then there were the people who took the question at face value, offering up movies that give them warm fuzzies and make them feel good about others who like them. Here are the green flag movies Twitter came up with.Do you have any to add?


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