13 Unorthodox Uses for Petroleum Jelly (Aside From That One)

13 Unorthodox Uses for Petroleum Jelly (Aside From That One)

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Petroleum jelly’s… lubricating properties are well known, if you know what I mean. But there are other things you can smear it on around the house to make things go a little more smoothly.


Lightbulbs installed in locations subject to extreme heat or cold, or exposed to the elements have a tendency to fall apart when unscrewed. (The base on my oven light bulb always detaches and gets stuck in the socket when I attempt to change it.) To prevent this from happening, rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the stem of the lightbulb before screwing it in. The lubrication will make for easy removal when it’s time to change the bulb.

Jars and bottle lids

Petroleum jelly can lubricate those hard-to-open jars and small bottles as well. Just put a small amount around the opening of the jar or bottle before closing it. This technique works great for jars with sticky contents like jam or honey, or anything prone to drying and sticking, like nail polish bottles.

Glue caps

Experience dictates it is pointless to save a small tube of crazy or super glue after opening it; they are basically a one-use product, as once glue gets on the applicator and you place the cap on, it is never coming off again—unless you apply petroleum jelly to the top before putting the cap back on. The lubrication will keep the glue from fusing the cap to the tube.


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