Lee Copp 13 Awesome Facts That Will Make Your About Me Page More Interesting

13 Awesome Facts That Will Make Your About Me Page More Interesting

While creating my own personal website leecopp.co.uk, I did a quick reconnaissance on other professionals and there about me pages. I could see too many business owners write professional “About Me” pages that literally bored me to death. A personal website or an “About Me” page needs to be unique to you and your talents. You want to stand out from the rest, and to help you achieve that, I have put together 13 awesome facts that will make your “About Me” page more interesting.

Before I start, try not to get caught in the trap of just writing about your professional achievements and work. Yes, these are important, but you also want to include a few facts about your personal life. Like for instance: I know all the lines from my favourite movie Apollo 13. When I mentioned this in a blog post, I was bombarded with comments. This is created for starting to build an online presence.

Insights like that give people the urge to get involved and sometimes allows them to see the human side of your personality, and quirks. I’d suggest when creating the About Me page on your website or updating your LinkedIn profile, be sure to slide in some interesting facts. You could always add a separate section at the end called “Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Me.” Also, for people who do public speakings, try and weave them into your introductions. Whoever you are and what you do, try and find ways of adding these interesting facts into your profile.

Here are 13 Awesome Facts That Will Make Your “About Me” Page More Interesting.

Your Childhood

Think about this, how did your childhood mould you for the job you’re doing today?

People will be interested to know what happened in your past experiences as a child to get you to this point in your life. It doesn’t have to be a full story, just snippets of what you think put you on this path.

Your Dream Job

If you weren’t doing this job today, what would your dream occupation be?

Your First Car

Give a little description of your first car and what you loved/hated about it.

Your Hidden Talents

This is always an interesting fact whoever you are. Do you have any hidden talents that no one knows about?


What’s one or two accomplishments you are most proud of?

Mistakes Youve Learnt From

What are the biggest mistakes you have learnt from?

Office Item

What is the most unusual item in your office? It can be on the desk, in the drawers or just in the office.

How To Build Your Online Presence

Favourite Sports Team

Let them know all about your favourite sports teams and how much of a hardcore fan you are, that you will do anything to show your support. For example business coach Stephanie Sammons includes interesting facts like this one on her About Me page: “I love the Dallas Cowboys and I wear cowgirl boots.”

A Guilty Pleasure

What’s your guilty pleasure? Mines ordering enough takeaway to feed a small tribe.

Your Pets

Have any pets? Share something funny or endearing about them. If you don’t have a pet, share what animal you would love to have as a pet and why.

School Yearbook

Share some comments that people described you from your school yearbook.

Your Best Friend

Who’s your best friend and why?

Your Bucket List

A good idea that I like is sharing what’s on your bucket lists. This is a great way to get people engaging as they will want to comment or share their own bucket list ideas.

Why not get started by commenting below, one of mine is to see the Northern Lights.

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