11 of Our Best Fitness Hacks of 2021 So Far

11 of Our Best Fitness Hacks of 2021 So Far

squatting with an empty bar

Photo: Leszek Glasner (Shutterstock)

If there is one piece of fitness advice I would like to leave you with, it is this: if you are doing exercises with little to no weight, you will get infinitely more out of them if you would just put some fucking weight on the bar. Yes, it might be a bit scary at first. But it’s absolutely worth it.

This pervasive message—that light weights are good enough and heavy weights aren’t that important—seems friendly at first but sets people up to fail. Internalizing this message can take the form of perfecting your technique until you feel like you’ve “earned” your right to add weight, or of overthinking your choice of accessories, the specific foods you eat, or the supplements you take.


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