11 Movies That Explore Tropical Islands, Because You Aren't Going There Yourself

11 Movies That Explore Tropical Islands, Because You Aren’t Going There Yourself

You’d be forgiven for confusing this one with Couples Retreat, but Kristen Bell apparently has a thing for rom-coms set on tropical islands. She plays the titular Sarah, a celebrity actress who dumps her nice guy boyfriend Peter (Jason Segel). Devastated, Peter doesn’t leave his house for weeks, until his stepbrother suggests he goes away on a solo vacay to a Hawaiian resort—the same resort when Sarah has shacked up with her new boo, forcing Peter to confront his demons. Alongside the broad comedy, you’ll discover what it’s like to vacation at an all-inclusive resort, and get to experience the real island of Oahu as Peter falls for a hotel staffer (Mila Kunis), who takes him around town to hang with the locals.

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