10 of the Best TED Talks to Watch With Your Kids

10 of the Best TED Talks to Watch With Your Kids

This TED Talk by Star Trek actor George Takei, which was recorded in 2014 about his imprisonment in an Japanese-American internment camp several decades years earlier, is a must-watch for any young person who is interested in history and social justice (and kids who aren’t, too).

As he reflected on his experience years later, he says spoke with his father, who imparted this wisdom: “Our democracy is a people’s democracy, and it can be as great as a people can be, but it is also as fallible as people are. He told me that American democracy is vitally dependent on good people who cherish the ideals of our system and actively engage in the process of making our democracy work.”

Yep, that feels as relevant today as it has ever been. Here’s the description:

When he was a child, George Takei and his family were forced into an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, as a “security” measure during World War II. 70 years later, Takei looks back at how the camp shaped his surprising, personal definition of patriotism and democracy.

While we’re talking about topics recorded years ago that are still Very Important today…


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