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Offering Affordable WordPress Web Designs, Thirteen is setting its sights on making an impact online. Based in the UK, Thirteen delivers cheap WordPress website designs worldwide.

What We Do…

13 Designs

Thirteen started off creating graphics & WordPress website designs as a freelance start-up company that only accepted donations. Why only for donations? Simple… My mission was to help the less fortunate internet users gain a dominant online presence without paying a hefty fee. Now I offer my services as an affordable WordPress web designer.

13 Connects

Not only does Thirteen enjoy delivering high-quality website design services. Thirteen also enjoys connecting with as many genuine, and down to earth people as possible. Why? 1. To support as many people as I can & build the Thirteen brand. 2. The goal is to create an online community filled with knowledge and support from all around the world.

13 Supports

No matter whether you’re a newbie or an expert needing some support, you’re on the right path. I support whoever asks for it and try to offer the best possible answer. If you have a project, I want to hear about it. I’ve been helping people with problems on and offline for years and just recently decided to branch out to the world. For some quick knowledge take a look at blog 13.

13 Motivates

Not even realising I was actually a motivator. Its been brought to my attention that while I have offered my web design expertise and support in the past. I have actually motivated them to stay inspired about their own projects and future goals.

The Project 13 Network

An idea that came to Lee while he was surfing the internet. His thought… “Why haven’t I come across an online community/forum/group etc that discusses everything an individual entrepreneur is looking for?”. That’s now his Project 13 Network concept.

To create an online network of people who share their findings, knowledge, tools, websites, trail & errors and any other information that can be useful. Hopefully providing decent quality guidance from the people who have actually used it.

Our Services

13 Web Designs

Affordable WordPress web design delivered from a freelance web designer. I know how hard it can be for someone starting a brand-new website with no experience. Because of that, I don’t want to see people fail due to the lack of affordability or just haven’t got the skills to do it themselves. That’s where Thirteen comes in. I care about getting your online presence started at a price that you can afford. So, get in touch and let’s get designing your WordPress Website.

13 Gamer Design Logos

Gaming and online streaming has become so big now, that Twitch (a streaming platform) gets the same amount of monthly unique traffic as Google. That’s insane! Because of the rise in online streamers so has the request for custom gaming logos. Personally, I only designed gamer logos as a hobby for friends & family. Next thing I knew, I was getting bombarded with requests from gamers who have seen my work and wanted to get a custom gamer design logo themselves. So now I’ve added it as a service from Thirteen. And to show my support to gamers, I offer affordable designs. Did I mention there really popular gifts for gamers?

Support & Motivate

Support & Motivation is what we do best! Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while or even a kick me up to tell you to keep going when you think things aren’t going your way. Even if you’re not hiring Thirteen as your WordPress web designer, I still don’t mind you getting in touch and telling us about your project. Call us coach 13 and join our Facebook community.

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